WIFI4Refugees – London December 2016


A night in support of the Refugee Info Bus & UAidRefugees

In December 2016 we held a night of music, comedy, poetry, photography, films, talks and a live auction all to support WIFI and tech for refugees in Europe. The incredibly successful fundraiser, held in London’s Rich Mix, was hosted by comedian and writer Mae Martin. The Night brought together refugees, celebrity, volunteers and supporters.

“One of the main humanising aspects of what these guys do is they give people the opportunity to communicate with there loved ones” – James McAvoy

Music came from Dan Gillespie Sells, fresh from his UK tour with The Feeling, and Beshwar Hassan a renowned musician from Iraq, who spent sometime in Dunkirk refugee camp. Poetry written by refugees from Europe and Jordan was read by actress Lyndsey Marshal and Award winning actor James McAvoy.

Talks from residents of the Calais camp and World Wide Tribe. Film from Caoimhe Butterly, photography exhibition from Citizens Photography, installations from Voices from Across the Water.

A live auction with lots donated by Mark Rylance, Bat For Lashes, Khaled Hosseini, Sara Pascoe, Steven Berkoff, Jaime Winstone, Cartoon Kate.

UAidRefugees, Leila Crerar and singer, La Roux

The night was an upbeat celebration with all hands on deck from old Calais volunteers. A good chance to look back at what we achieved in the past 10 months driving our converted horse box into the ‘Jungle’ refugee camp supplying WiFi and vital information to thousands of residents. It was the only place they could get online. The benefits were heart warming and full of emotional connections as residents skyped their families back home. Some of whom had spent months, even years without communication.

Now we look forward. Info Bus Greece is just starting thanks to the money raised at WIFI4Refugees as well as the continual support of Help Refugees. The team is on the ground. Soon a brand new Info Bus will be purchased and kitted out. We also look back at France, the situation is again getting worse. Lone children roam Paris and Calais. The issue of mass migration in Europe is the issue of our time. The Refugee Info Bus will endeavor to continue its work where it is needed most.

Thank you to all those who have supported and donated.